christmas gifts

Christmas Gifts for College Students

As the semester comes to a close, college students enter into winter break. This is the time for holidays with family, relaxing, and preparing for the next semester on campus. These nine college student Christmas gifts will be useful to a student in any year, freshmen to senior. Relaxation Gifts 1. Kindle Oasis Now that college students have a break, Christmas is a great time to gift them those books they’ve missed out ...

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college freshmen necessary gifts

9 Necessary Gifts for College Freshmen

As college freshmen, moving away from home is both exciting and a little overwhelming. From sharing a dorm with a stranger to learning how to navigate campus and make it to class on time, there’s so much to do. College freshmen are bound to forget things and these 9 gifts are necessities that the college freshmen in your life will find forever useful once they move in on campus. Dorm Room ...

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sporty gifts

12 Sporty Gifts for College Guys

College guys are busy and always on the go from making it to class to handing in assignments, and meeting up with their friends. How they stay connected is through their tech: their phone, music, and computer. These 12 gifts are sure to fit in with any sporty college guys’ style and help them succeed in school. For their phone 1. Sports Team Power Bank A power bank is a great tech device ...

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