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12 Sporty Gifts for College Guys

sporty giftsCollege guys are busy and always on the go from making it to class to handing in assignments, and meeting up with their friends. How they stay connected is through their tech: their phone, music, and computer. These 12 gifts are sure to fit in with any sporty college guys’ style and help them succeed in school.

For their phone

1. Sports Team Power Bank

A power bank is a great tech device to gift a college guy because cellphones are constantly running out of power. This one by Mizco Sports comes with a Cubs logo and pattern to add some baseball flair. The design is slim and compact, making it easy to carry the power bank in a backpack or pocket throughout the day. A power bank will make campus life easier by providing a portable and fast charging station.

2. Sports cell phone cover

jojogoldstar dual layer iphone 6s caseA cell phone cover is one way any college guy can show off their favorite team, sport, or hobby. A solid option is these snap-on sports covers by JoJoGoldStar. There are a variety of designs, several of which have sports themes. The basketball and football ones stand out the most but there’s also baseball, hunting, and a solid black as well.

3. Waterproof phone case

senwow floating waterproof case dry bagSome college guys are into more aquatic sports, like crew, and other outdoor sports like football and lacrosse, which means there’s a chance for their phone to get wet. A waterproof phone case is a great option because it keeps the phone dry and also has room for other valuables like a charger, power bank, or headphones. This particular case has an armband and headphone jack, which makes it it useful in the gym during workouts as well.

For their music

4. Wireless on-ear headphones

J&L Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesNo matter what your college guy is into, chances are he’s going to need a break from all the college noise. From the library to the café, anywhere he can get some work done in between classes will be noisy. Wireless headphones are a great option because they don’t get tangled in a backpack and won’t get in the way while he’s studying. An added bonus is that some are water-resistant as well, making them a great option for use with workouts or before and after practice.

5. Wireless speaker

Bose SoundLink black Bluetooth SpeakerMusic is a must for college boys, from getting ready in the morning to relaxing after class or hanging out with friends over the weekend. This wireless speaker by Bose is a great option because it’s Bluetooth and portable so he can move it around the room, and take it to his friends for parties and study sessions.

6. Subscription to Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming service that lets users enjoy albums and playlists from their computer, phone, and tablet for a monthly fee. Spotify is how many students are listening to music lately because the database has all their favorite music and saves them the expense of purchasing everything digitally. A Spotify subscription will definitely be used by any college guy, from walking to class, studying, or even in the gym, there’s always a way to work in some music.

For their laptop

7. External hard drive

transcend 1 tb storejet m3 external hard driveCollege guys spend endless hours on the computer. The computer will continue to be his go-to device for everything from social media to writing papers. Depending on his course load the hard drive will start to fill up, especially around mid terms and finals, so it’s a good idea to have an external hard drive to back up important project on. This one by Transcend has a large storage capacity and the colors, black and green, are both masculine and stand out among other computer devices.

8. Wireless printer

HP OfficeJet 3830 Wireless All in One Photo PrinterPrinting is a necessity in college, and not every college guy is going to remember to stop by the library to print his term paper on the way to class. Having a wireless printer will save him and his friends a lot of time instead of waiting until the last minute and struggling at the library. This HP Officejet is a descent size and can handle a few semesters’ worth of printing. It connects wirelessly which makes it even easier to print once he’s done and be to class on time.

9. Baseball team laptop sleeve

Boston Red Sox MLB Laptop SleeveAs a college guy he won’t always want to work in his dorm room, which is why a laptop sleeve is a great gift idea. A sleeve will keep his laptop safe and separated from whatever else he’s carrying, and is a great way to support his favorite baseball team. This laptop sleeve by Centon comes in a variety of sports teams and fits most laptops. At least you’ll know his laptop is safe while he lugs it around campus.

Just for fun

10. Smart watch

PowerLead AWOW KW08 Bluetooth Smart WatchA smart watch is a great gift for any college guy because he won’t always have time to check his phone or stop between classes to read email updates. This PowerLead Smart Watch has a very sporty and masculine look, merging a stopwatch style wristwatch with smart technology. A gift like this will help keep him on time and on task, all while looking stylish.

11. Tablet

Every college guy could use a tablet because at some point he just needs to take a break, relax, and catch up with the sports scores. A tablet is great for disconnecting from busy school life and taking time for yourself, as well as catching up with family. The most well known tablet is the iPad by Apple, which comes in a variety of screen and storage sizes. There is an assortment of case and cover options to add some sports flare to his tablet of choice.

12. A Roku

As a sports fan any college guy won’t want to miss out on his teams while away from home. Roku is a streaming device that connects to your television and provides a collection of channels, including sports stations. With a Roku he won’t miss out on teams in the NFL, MLB, or NBA. Roku has a channel for most sports, keeping your college guy in the loop even after a full day of classes.

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