Halloween Notepads

4 College Student Halloween Gift Boxes

Halloween on a college campus is a time of energy and excitement. As the first holiday of the fall semester many students are ready for a break from the daily routine and look to Halloween as a time to celebrate, socialize, and enjoy the holiday. These four college student Halloween gift boxes are great options to send to your student away at college and give them a little extra holiday ...

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Organic Stash Tea Sampler

4 College Student Valentine’s Day Packages

Valentine’s Day is a smaller holiday in college, usually reserved for couples and is often another reason to throw a party. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your college student can be done from afar through a care package. These 4 college student Valentine's Day packages are great gifts for a movie night in, for a student on the go, or for those into fitness or relaxing. Movie Night Package Some nights just call ...

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Waffle Closed Toe Adult Slippers

4 College Student Easter Baskets

Easter is a holiday when families come together in celebration, but it can be a tricky holiday for most college students. Since Easter is a Sunday, many students have to travel back to campus to prepare for the upcoming week, which makes it difficult to fully celebrate with family. These four Easter baskets would be great gifts for any college student, and include both fun and necessary college items. Study Basket To ...

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christmas gifts

Christmas Gifts for College Students

As the semester comes to a close, college students enter into winter break. This is the time for holidays with family, relaxing, and preparing for the next semester on campus. These nine college student Christmas gifts will be useful to a student in any year, freshmen to senior. Relaxation Gifts 1. Kindle Oasis Now that college students have a break, Christmas is a great time to gift them those books they’ve missed out ...

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