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The Best Gifts for College Guys

Sometimes the best gifts for college guys are practical, portable, musical, sporty, techy, or just plain fun! We've got a list of gift favorites from college guys everywhere. Swiss Army Knife When he's away from home, he'll need an all-purpose multi-tool that fits in his pocket. There is a Swiss Army Knife with every imaginable tool including nail file, screwdriver, bottle opener, scissors, can opener, tweezers, toothpick, and more. Here's a great middle ...

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College Graduation Gifts for Him

College Graduation Gifts for Him: Preparing Him for the Real World

College is a great place to explore and become independent, all while in the protective bubble of a college campus. There are demands, like attending lecture, handing in assignments, and meeting deadlines, but once your college grad meets the real world, he may have a lot to learn. These college graduation gifts for him are must-haves, accessories, and bags to help him make his way through his first years outside ...

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sporty gifts

12 Sporty Gifts for College Guys

College guys are busy and always on the go from making it to class to handing in assignments, and meeting up with their friends. How they stay connected is through their tech: their phone, music, and computer. These 12 gifts are sure to fit in with any sporty college guys’ style and help them succeed in school. For their phone 1. Sports Team Power Bank A power bank is a great tech device ...

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