Drinking Gifts for College Students

11 Drinking Gifts for College Students

Drinking Gifts for College Students

It’s no secret that alcohol is consumed on every college campus. These 6 drinking gifts for college students are organized into three categories: practical gifts, like a hangover kit or mixology book to make sure your student is prepared and drinks responsibly, classy gifts, which happen to be drink ware like shot glasses and flasks so they can drink in style, and fun gifts, like drinking board games so they can have a fun yet safe time in the confines of their dorm room. Whichever drinking gifts you choose remind your college student to drink responsibly and always make safety a priority.

No college student should approach campus drinking unprepared, so these two practical gifts are a great way to start your college student off right. A hangover cure kit is something all students will need in their four years, and having it on hand will make it much easier for them to suffer through. A mixology book is another great choice because mixing drinks is a science and they shouldn’t wing it. It is one book they’ll enjoy reading and will get a lot of use out of.

Practical Drinking Gifts

Smartphone Breathalyzer1. Smartphone Breathalyzer

New 21 year old drinkers don’t yet know about their limits with alcohol. That’s why its so important for them to have a smartphone breathalyzer, so they can measure their blood alcohol content before driving a car, riding a bike, or even taking another drink. This new technology integrates with a smartphone and makes it easy for college students to track.

2. Hangover Cure Kit

Survival KitIf one thing is certain, it’s that before any college student completes their degree, they’ve experienced a hangover. Drinking can be fun, but the morning after can be brutal. Send your student off prepared with a hangover cure kit. This is a fun and educational gift that comes fully stocked, but you can also have some fun putting one together yourself. Include things like: pain medication, drink mixes, and any recommendations you may have to avoid a hangover, like drinking a full glass of water before bed, or what to eat the next day to feel better.

3. Mixology Book

Ultimate Bar BookMany college students aren’t familiar with making mixed drinks, and college is a great time to experiment. Gifting a mixology book will get your student excited about the college experience and will make them the hit of the party. Knowing how to make good drinks is the best way to drink safely on campus and avoid accidents and illness. With a book on the subject your student is more likely to try a recipe or two instead of pouring on the fly and getting sick quickly.

Mitten Flask4. Mitten Flask

These black mittens contain a 4 oz flask in one mitten with a tethered cap so you never lose the cap. They also come with a funnel for easy filling of the flask. This is a discrete way to carry a flask to a fall football game or ski trip. This is a fun and useful gift for concealing alcohol in a cold environment.

Classy Drinking Gifts

Drinking on campus doesn’t have to mean red plastic cups and cheap booze. These drinking gifts bring some class to the party and are also great for post-college life. A college emblem shot glass is a small token of celebration and is a great keepsake in addition to drinking glass. A flask gift set is another good option to keep day drinking on the classy side. Both of these items are great for decorating a dorm room in addition to being useful.

5. College Emblem Shot Glasses

NCAA Shot GlassIn every college store on campus there is a selection of college emblem shot glasses. These thick-glassed items are a great way to decorate a desktop as well as measure shots and bring some school spirit to the party. Every college student should have a shot glass, free pouring is too easy to overestimate and one shot glass can be used to make several drinks in one night.

Rosewood Finish Flask6. Flask Gift Set

A flask gift set is another unique and fun drinking gift while staying classy. Flasks aren’t for everyone but they are a much better way to drink in secret than hiding a plastic cup behind your back or swigging a beer in the shower. Gifting a flask is sort of an introduction to the college party scene, so choosing item will get them ready for what campus may have to offer.

magnetic bottle opener7. Drop Catch Magnetic Bottle Opener

College parties inevitably end with bottle caps all over the place! A drop catch magnetic bottle opener is the perfect gift for college students that host a few parties. This bottle opener holds up to 50 caps and comes with wall screws and anchors to securely mount to the wall. Its made of Merbau hardwood for a stylish design for men or women.

Drinking Games & Fun

Lastly is the drinking games gift. An ever-popular form of drinking on campus is the drinking game. Many campuses don’t allow drinking games because most who play get drunk very quickly, but a board game is a fun way to merge drinking and in-room entertainment on a weekend. Shot glass darts is another fun game that can be played with or without alcohol and is a little more dorm room friendly.

8. Drinking Board Game

Board GameA more portable option than beer pong, a drinking board game is a great gift because it stores quickly and can be played while drinking alcohol or completely sober. College students don’t always want to go out or host a party, and a board game can be played with a few friends staying in for the night, or with a large group. Board games also give a little nostalgia to childhood and gathering around to play with friends. Giving this gift is a great way to help your student bond with others and meet new people.

Shot Glass Darts game9. Shot Glass Darts

Another drinking game smaller than beer pong is shot glass darts. This simple game involves playing darts, with each dartboard location giving instructions to what to drink and how. It’s not the most responsible drinking game since students may get drunk quickly by taking shots, but it can also be altered by relabeling the board to accommodate other methods of drinking, like sips and gulps, and well serving as a fun game without the alcohol.Beer Pong Ball Cleaner

10. Beer Pong Ball Cleaner

If they love to play beer pong, this ball cleaner is important to remove hair and grime from balls hitting the floor. It’s a portable beer pong ball cleaner they can take to any college party or dorm room.

Gallon Flask11. 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask

This brushed stainless steel flask holds a giant one gallon of alcohol, or any drink. Its also available in smaller sizes and an enormous 2 Gallon size. This is a fun gag gift that any students friends would be amazed by!

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