Drinking Gifts for College Students

11 Drinking Gifts for College Students

It’s no secret that alcohol is consumed on every college campus. These 6 drinking gifts for college students are organized into three categories: practical gifts, like a hangover kit or mixology book to make sure your student is prepared and drinks responsibly, classy gifts, which happen to be drink ware like shot glasses and flasks so they can drink in style, and fun gifts, like drinking board games so they ...

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Gag Gifts for College Students

5 Functional Gag Gifts for College Students

When giving a gag gift the first instinct is to give something funny. Gag gifts are great because they get a rise out of the gifted as well as the gift giver. College-centric gag gifts may be very funny and border inappropriate in mixed company, but functional gag gifts work just as well in spurring laughter, are crowd appropriate, and also serve a purpose. These 5 functional gag gifts for college ...

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