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17 Items in Care Packages for College Freshmen

care packageCollege can be overwhelming for college freshmen. Between learning a new campus, managing a full schedule, and missing life at home, college freshmen will feel unprepared and unsure of how to handle it all. A care package is a great way to send a college freshman some relief and a touch of home. These 17 items in care packages for college freshmen will provide the help and answers they’ve been looking for and support them through the rest of the semester.

For the Mind

The Freshmen Survival Guide

freshman survival guideAll freshmen, new on a college campus and unfamiliar with dealing with roommates need The Freshman Survival Guide. This book provides everything a new student needs to know, or may have questions about during their first year on campus. Functioning as a reference guide, this book has information on important topics like mental health, finding balance, dating, and money management. There is a large focus in this guide on how to prepare for the college experience and how to adapt quickly.

The Five Minute Journal

five minute journalCollege is a stressful place, from studying for exams, dealing with professors and roommates, and handling homesickness, being a freshman can be tough. The Five Minute Journal is a useful tool for focusing on the good in life as well as documenting the college experience. The structure of this journal is to spend five short minutes writing about a given prompt to focus on gratitude and mental wellbeing. College is a busy place, but this journal will help students refocus their attention and find some good in each day.

For Electronics

Amazon Prime Student

No incoming freshman should enter the first day of college without a subscription to Amazon Prime Student. Having an Amazon Prime Student account will give your student free two-day shipping on every Prime eligible item on Amazon. This is great for those last minute items students need during the semester. In addition to free shipping, students also get access to thousands of free TV shows and movies on Amazon Instant Video. This will save on cable subscriptions and will give students an opportunity to catch up on their favorite shows.

Panasonic earbud headphones

panasonic headphonesCollege freshmen learn quickly that living in the dorms is never as quiet as living at home. Between noisy roommates and even a busy library, students need a way to shut everything out and focus. Panasonic earbud headphones are a convenient item to include in a care package to remedy the noise issue. These earbuds fit in a backpack or jacket pocket and work well at blocking out noise. Students will find the peace and quiet they need to study or relax with their favorite music or a noise-cancelling app thanks to a handy pair of earbuds.

Extra long charging cords

adoric cord chargerDorm rooms are notorious for being small, awkward shaped rooms with far less space necessary for two people. Between the beds, desks, fridge, television, wardrobes and closets, there’s never room to rearrange beyond how the room is originally set up. Students will find an extra long charging cord useful when they’re trying to use their phone as an alarm clock but have to charge it across the room. A USB charging cord is great for plugging into a computer while they’re studying in the library, and it is long enough reach to charge a phone or tablet across the room, closer to the bed or dresser.

Cable Clips

igottech cable clipsKeeping a desk clean and orderly is the key to studying successfully. Freshmen students often take their laptop, phone, and chargers to and from campus, which requires many cables and chargers. Cable clips will help keep the desk and all those cables organized. These clips lie on any flat surface, like the desktop, and hold the input end in place. This is great for holding phone and computer chargers while the device is in use.

LED Bicycle Lights

brightz ledMany students, especially freshmen living in dorms far away from main campus, will choose to use a bicycle as transportation. Every bicycle should have a light for riding safely at night. These LED bicycle lights will make any bicycle stand out and keep it safe. The lights go into the spokes of the bicycle, keeping it well lit and visible.

For Storage

Shower Squid

Freshmen quickly learn that showering becomes quite the production in a dorm room. Most dorms have communal bathrooms, which requires the students to bring their own shower items to and from the bathroom. A unique way to carry their items is the Shower Squid. This caddy uses grippy tentacles to hold each bottle, and hangs in and out of the shower. A caddy like this dries quickly and is more convenient compared to other conventional caddies.

Bed post shelf

Besides being constrained, dorm life is severely lacking in storage. A bed post shelf will become an instant night table for freshmen students still adjusting to dorm life. This shelf clamps onto any bed post, is adjustable for height, and even includes a cup holder. A shelf is perfect for holding an alarm clock, charging a cellphone, or holding snacks while hanging out at the end of the day. Freshmen will appreciate this shelf instead of having to use the edge of their desk, dresser, or the floor as an alternative.

Bed Butler 2.0

bed butlerAnother bedside storage solution is the Bed Butler 2.0. This device is a storage caddy that fits under the mattress of the bed, leaving a pocket to hang over the edge. This storage solution is great for those items needed at the bedside like glasses, remotes, and even a tablet or laptop. Storage like this has a low profile and is difficult to dislodge, keeping all items safe and accessible.

For the Dorm Room

Portable hammock

camping hammocksFreshmen learn quickly that dorm rooms have limited options in the furniture department. Beyond their assigned bed and desk chair there’s no other furniture available, which gets tricky when they have friends over to study or hang out. A portable hammock is a great option for relaxing with a friend, or an alternative to sleeping in the dorm bed. This would be perfect under a high lofted bed and its stuff sack storage makes it easy to remove for study sessions or using on the quad.

Custom photo wall tapestry

A custom photo wall tapestry is a great way to help your freshman combat homesickness. A wall tapestry is different from sending photographs because of the size and its ability to create a scene or mood in any dorm room. Photos to choose from can include a unique photo of a favorite place near home, a favorite vacation snapshot, or a premade tapestry that suits their style and personality.

Lightweight unbreakable dorm wall mirror

Dorm rooms come with several furnishings, but one item that’s usually missing is a wall mirror. If a mirror is included it’s usually very small and scratched, or in an inconvenient place. This lightweight unbreakable dorm wall mirror will resolve the lack of mirror and will keep your student safe. Other mirrors, like floor length mirrors, can fall off the wall and shatter, causing a big mess. This mirror will last through all four years of college and still be in good shape at graduation.

Fleece Photo Blanket

A great way to decorate a dorm room with reminders of home is a fleece photo blanket. These blankets are completely customizable with several layouts to choose from. Students spend a lot of time in their dorm, and some even study in their bed, which makes this item very useful and also a great way to fend off homesickness.

For Meals

Rapid Ramen Cooker

rapid ramenMeals on a college campus are usually eaten in the dining hall, but there are times that dinner is in the library or the dorms while cramming for an exam or after an extra long day. A Rapid Ramen Cooker will help a classic dorm meal come out perfectly. Ramen packets are usually meant for the stovetop, which requires some adjusting to the microwave. This cooker will take the guesswork out of dinner and will provide perfect ramen noodles every time.

Brita water pitcher

brita water pitcherAnother staple in dorm life is a Brita water pitcher. Bottled water gets expensive quickly, no matter if students are buying it on campus or at the grocery store. A Brita water pitcher allows students to filter the tap water from the bathroom or kitchen, saving them time and money in the long run. Having water on hand is especially useful for long nights, early mornings, or during study sessions when they’d rather not leave the room. These pitchers fit in a mini fridge and can also be stored on a dresser or desktop at room temperature.

Keurig mini coffee maker

keurig coffee makerCoffee is a necessity in college, from late nights studying and early morning classes; most freshmen will need a cup every now and again. Coffee is available on campus, but who wants to get up early just to get out the door for a cup of coffee? A Keurig mini coffee maker will bring the coffee to the student and make it that much easier to get ready in the morning, or stay up late studying.

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