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The Best Gifts for College Guys

Gifts for college guys
Sometimes the best gifts for college guys are practical, portable, musical, sporty, techy, or just plain fun! We’ve got a list of gift favorites from college guys everywhere.

Swiss Army Knife

swiss army pocket knifeWhen he’s away from home, he’ll need an all-purpose multi-tool that fits in his pocket. There is a Swiss Army Knife with every imaginable tool including nail file, screwdriver, bottle opener, scissors, can opener, tweezers, toothpick, and more. Here’s a great middle of the road Swiss Army Knife.

Go Pro Hero 5

gopro hero5 blackThe newest in the Go Pro line is a nice upgrade from previous models. With 4K video, a waterproof and dirt-proof design, 12 voice-activated commands, and one-button easy to use menu, the Hero 5 is a real step up!

Portable Nylon Hammock

travel camping hammockA portable hammock is perfect for college kids who want to enjoy the weather at school and study outside. It can get boring to hit the books in the library, so why not give them an inexpensive, lightweight hammock that fits in a small pouch when they’re not using it. With a nylon parachute hammock they can setup between any two trees on campus, open a book and kick back and relax.

Bluetooth Speaker

portable wireless bluetoot speakerA portable bluetooth speaker is a must-have for any college guy. They are small so they can keep it in their dorm and take it with them in the car, to the basketball court, and to parties. This one we’ve found is waterproof, lightweight coming in under 10 ounces, connects easily with Pandora, Spotify and other music streaming services, as well as 2 second connect to any Android or iPhone. All this for under $28!

Cards Against Humanity

I don’t know if there has ever been a more fun party game than cards against humanityCards Against Humanity! It comes in a small portable box, so you can take it anywhere. It’s essentially a grown up version of Apples to Apples with politically incorrect and hilarious answer cards. We play it over the holidays and family get-togethers. It’s a riot!

Gaming Headset

gaming headsetIf your favorite college guy likes to game like my son, then they’ll love a lightweight gaming headset. This one by Kingston features a tangle-free wire with inline volume controls and mic-mute feature. It has noise isolating ear cups and a detachable mic. Whether he likes to game on his laptop, PC, or gaming system, a gaming headset is a sure-fire favorite gift.

Wood Watch

Wooden watches have become the stylish new jewelry for men. They are lightweight, beautifully designed, and come in a variety of woods and face shapes. You’re sure to find one he’ll love!

Sunrise Simulation Wake Up Light

philips wake-up lightThis is a truly unique way of waking up more naturally with a simulated sunrise. 30 Minutes before your set wake time, the Wake Up Light slowly starts to light, mimicking the sun. You’ll wake up more refreshed and slowly awaken, instead of being jolted out of bed. It even doubles as a bed lamp since it slowly fades to dark too.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

breakfast sandwich makerLet’s face it – most college guys wake up a little too late to make it to the dining hall before their first class. So, to start their day off right, they can make a quick breakfast sandwich in under 5 minutes in their dorm or apartment with the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. They can get a healthy breakfast any day of the week, and it costs less than $25!

Scratch Map

usa travel tracker map scratch the worldFor the study abroad or adventurous college guy, a scratch map is a fun way to highlight all the places he’s seen. He simply scratches off the areas he’s been. He can start with a USA scratch map or a full world map.

Keyboard Cleaning Putty

keyboard cleanerWhat college student doesn’t have a dirty laptop or desktop keyboard?! Dirt, food, and spills can make your keyword nasty over time, and they can be tough to clean all the crevices without damage to the keyboard. This cleaning putty amazingly cleans the toughest job on all electronics, car vents, fans, and any other hard surface with tough to reach nooks and crannies.

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