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9 Necessary Gifts for College Freshmen

college freshmen necessary giftsAs college freshmen, moving away from home is both exciting and a little overwhelming. From sharing a dorm with a stranger to learning how to navigate campus and make it to class on time, there’s so much to do. College freshmen are bound to forget things and these 9 gifts are necessities that the college freshmen in your life will find forever useful once they move in on campus.

Dorm Room Gifts

1. Twin XL Sheets

5 Piece Bed In A BagSheets are often the first thing on a parent’s shopping list and the last on a college freshman’s. Most dorm room beds are extra long, which can be a difficult size to find outside of back to school time. Students may want one or two sets, especially when laundry isn’t high on the priority list. This five-piece bed in a bag by Amazon Basics is a great gift for any college freshmen. The complete bed set comes in one package and is easy to store in a closet or under the bed, plus the neutral color scheme works for girls and guys.

2. Towels

8 Piece Towel SetAnother item that is often overlooked when packing for college is bathroom towels. Most college freshmen will be sharing a bathroom with the rest of their floor mates and having towels that stand out will make them easier to keep track of. When it comes to towels college freshmen should have two sets, both in case one gets lost and since laundry is done less frequently than it was at home. This 8-piece towel set by Utopia Towels is a great gift because the package includes two full sets of towels and they come in less popular colors, making them stand out among the rest of the white and blue towels in the dorm.

3. Shower Caddy

Quick Dry Hanging Toiletry and Bath OrganizerMany college freshmen may be used to sharing a bathroom at home, but having to take all their shower items and their towel to and from the bathroom every time will be an adjustment. A shower caddy is a great college freshmen gift because it will store all their bathroom necessities in one convenient container, which makes each trip that much faster and easier. This mesh caddy by Mayin is a popular choice because it’s quick dry so it won’t get moldy or rust, it’s flexible with many storage options, and it hangs on the back of a door or hook when not in use.

Study Gifts

4. Lap Desk

Studying doesn’t always happen at the desk in a college freshmen dorm room. Hanging out and getting work done in the common areas is a great way to make friends and get to know others in the freshmen class. A lap desk is a good gift because it’s a portable work surface that lets college freshmen spread out in the room and still get reading and paper writing completed. The original LapDesk has a variety of options available and includes things like tablet desks and desks with built-in chargers.

5. Whiteboard

Metalix Magnetic Dry Erase BoardA whiteboard with markers is a must have for college freshmen. It’s a useful tool for displaying deadlines and schedules and it’s also a great way to communicate with a roommate or floormates. Staying organized is something most college freshmen will struggle with at first, especially since everything is so new, and a whiteboard is a great catch all from due dates to office hours and event reminders.

6. Room Lights

Clip Desk LampMost dorm rooms only have one overhead light, which can make working at a desk or sharing a space with a roommate difficult. Many college freshmen won’t think to bring a desk light or standing light for around their workspace or lounging area. Lights are great gifts because of their practicality and flexibility to match any existing décor or style. A clip style light is a good choice because it’s small enough to fit in a backpack or bag, clips anywhere from the desk to standing alone, and is flexible to ensure the light shines in the right place.

Accessory Gifts

7. Lanyard

ncaa lanyardCollege freshmen are always on the go and carrying room keys is something most freshmen have to get used to. To avoid getting locked out of the dorm room, a lanyard is a necessity. This keychain style makes it even more difficult to forget keys in the room and makes them easier to locate in a backpack or purse. Many students like having one in school colors, and lanyards are always available in the school bookstore. Some of the more popular colleges are also available online, like NCAA participating schools.

8. College ID Holder

Frosted Rigid Plastic Horizontal Half Card HolderNext to dorm room keys, the college ID is going to be one of the most important items in a college freshman’s life. The college ID is usually how students get into the cafeteria, pay for things at the bookstore, and some may even have to swipe them to get into labs and other buildings. An ID holder, even one as simple as this plastic one that holds the top of the card on a keychain, is a great gift because students won’t realize how useful it is until they’re juggling their ID card in the meal line or have lost it and have to skip dinner.

9. Restaurant Gift Cards

As college freshmen all students are eager to get out and explore their new city. Giving local restaurant gift cards will give them an opportunity to join their friends without having to worry about having cash or overspending. Giving local gift cards is also a great way to show them you’re supporting them, and with a little research on Google Maps you’ll know what restaurants students are most likely to frequent.

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