Useful Gifts for College Students

Useful Gifts for College Students

Useful Gifts for College Students

Getting ready for college can be a stressful process. The summer between graduating high school and starting college is filled with shopping and preparing in addition to celebrating. Giving a useful gift to your college student will help them prepare for a new start or maintain a productive environment on campus. These useful gifts for college students focus on their cellphones, staying organized, and their dorm room.

Cellphone gifts

One of the most necessary devices in a college student’s life is their cellphone. Students rely on their phone to wake them up, remind them of their schedule, answer emails, and communicate with friends and family. If you’re looking for a gift that students would find useful, an external battery charger and a battery case are a must. They will make each day a little easier and will give your student one less thing to worry about.

External Battery Charger

Anker PowerCoreCollege students don’t always remember to charge their phone. As a student, the cellphone is used as an alarm clock, computer, and communication device, which make it a necessity on campus. A very useful gift to help remedy a dead cellphone is an external battery charger. Students can plug their cellphone into this device and charge it while they’re in a lecture or during a study session. You won’t have to worry about your student not answering your calls or texts if your gift helps their phone stay charged. Of course they’ll have to remember to charge this battery as well, but this is especially useful on a busy day with little charge left.

Battery Case

iPhone Battery CaseAnother useful gift for charging a cellphone is a battery case. This case fits onto the cellphone and provides added hours of battery life. A battery case is a great option for students that don’t remember to charge other devices, or are on campus for extended hours and typically need to recharge their phone before they get home. Another perk of this option is that students can charge the case and the phone at the same time, which is great for those that charge at night. The case doesn’t add bulk to the phone and looks just like a typical cellphone case, matching any student’s personality and style.

Organization gifts

Staying organized is something many college students struggle with. Juggling classes along with lab schedules, office hours, and athletic practices can be tricky without a calendar or planner. Both gifts are useful because they function as a place to write down all the useful information that is handed out in the first week of classes, some of which is lost or forgotten by the time it’s really needed.


PlanAhead 18 Month PlannerCollege classes can get overwhelming very quickly. From detailed syllabi to crammed schedules, students may struggle with keeping everything straight. A planner is a very useful gift to give because it helps the student stay organized and keeps all the schedules and reminders in one place. There are a variety of planner options available from different layouts and color schemes to sizes and formats. Many students were provided a planner in high school, but in college planners typically aren’t handed out, and it’s something many students may forget about until they’re trapped under a mountain of due dates they can’t keep straight. Help your college student start the school year prepared with the useful gift of a planner.

Large calendar

Desk Pad CalendarAn alternative to a planner is another useful gift, a large wall calendar. Some students may already have a planner or planning system in place but it’s always helpful to see a monthly view of what assignments, due dates, and tests lie ahead. Even the most prepared student will have due dates pop up on them and won’t realize they have a whole week of tests back to back until its written on the calendar. A large calendar is also a great place to include office hours and lab schedules so nothing is forgotten or overlooked. A calendar works will in tandem with a planner, but some students may find a larger wall calendar is the most useful.

Dorm gifts

Dorm gifts are popular graduation gift items, but sometimes the most useful options are forgotten. Simple items, like temporary hooks and a desk lamp, are often the most useful and necessary for dorm life. While these gifts aren’t the most exciting, you may just find that your student thanks you after their first year because those gifts came in the most handy and helpful.

Temporary hooks

Command Wire HookDorm rooms are often blank canvas for decorating and organizing, but there isn’t much in the storage department. Rooms may come with a wardrobe or closet, but not much else. Giving temporary hooks as a gift is useful because students will need a place to hang their towels, jackets, and backpacks and won’t find many built in hooks. This is a simple and small gift but it will come in handy when your student has moved in and realizes there’s no place to hang anything. These hooks also remove easily which saves your student in the damage fees they’d accrue if they installed hooks their own instead.

Desk lamp

TaoTronics LED Desk LampAnother thing dorm rooms are often missing is added light. Most rooms have one overhead lamp, but desks are often open and dark. Some rooms may have hutches over the desk for added storage and those may come with extra lighting but it’s hit or miss. To send your student off prepared, a desk lamp is a great gift that will definitely be used. These lamps are small, flexible, and easy to store if they aren’t needed. Alternatively, students can use these in other places like near their bed or wherever they find some extra light is needed, and will last through several semesters or years on campus.

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