Creating a Care Package for College Students

Creating a Care Package for College Students

Creating a Care Package for College Students

Receiving a care package in college is a very special and unique experience. Most students check their mail daily, but it’s rare to find a surprise in their tiny mailbox. Some students order things online to enjoy the fun of receiving a package, but every so often someone sends a care package and really brightens up the day.

Creating a care package for college students can be simple and usually includes something the student enjoys, from easy to grab snacks or colorful stationary. The most important part of a care package is including something handwritten. This reminds the student of home and can cure a touch of homesickness quickly.

Something Handwritten

No matter what you include in your care package, the most important part is including something handwritten. College students may tear through the whole package looking for that notecard or envelope to receive a few words from home. It may seem too simple, but even if your student sees you frequently, getting a personal message means more than whatever gift you send. Writing in a greeting card or taking time to craft a letter shows the student you miss them too and those few words of encouragement may be just what they needed.


Greeting cardsHello GreenNotes may feel reserved for big celebrations like birthdays and graduations, but even a small card to say hello has the power to add some joy to a day. You don’t have to make the card by hand or even write a lengthy note, but including some sort of greeting card in your care package will make a huge difference. Cards will be taped to a wall or tacked onto a bulletin board for weeks after the college student receives it. Some may even save them for years, so don’t skip this little step.


SCStyle Stationery PaperThe art of letter writing seems to be cast aside to more quicker forms of communication like email and text, but including a letter in your care package, bonus points for it being handwritten, will definitely make your student’s day. Taking the time to write out a letter will mean a lot and will be cherished forever. By adding a letter, even a short one, you will connect with your student on a personal level, which is something they’re missing while they’re at college. It will remind them of home and can be a great boost around midterms and finals time.


The most popular item in a care package is snacks. These items, usually single serving, are a great way to supplement your student’s daily meals and are easy to enjoy between classes or after a busy day. Students probably won’t buy things like: chips, granola bars, candy bars or fruit snacks regularly because it’s difficult to get the grocery store frequently. Receiving a care package that includes a few of these items will brighten up their day and break up the mundane.


Frito-Lay Variety PackSnacks like individual bags of chips are a great care package item because most students won’t take the time to separate a large bag of chips into plastic bags, and the cafeteria rarely serves snacks like potato chips. While these aren’t the healthiest item to include it’s a great addition to a backpack for a snack on the go, and goes well with the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches some students have to eat in between classes when their schedule is too full for a sit down lunch.

Granola bars

Granola barsNature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars are a great any time snack. They’re small enough to tuck into a backpack for emergencies and are also a good grab and go breakfast. This treat comes in a variety of flavors from simple granola and chocolate to bars with nuts and cereal. Students may enjoy granola bars and pick them up at the grocery store but it’s also an item that gets forgotten from grocery lists and goes too quickly to keep stocked in a dorm room.

Candy bars

Nestle Assorted Miniatures BagCandy bars are another great addition to a care package because they will remind your student of childhood and are usually something students pass up when shopping. Including a regular or king size of their favorite candy will be an unexpected treat and can help you create new memories with your student while they’re away. Another option is to add some fun size or bite size candy bars into the package. These are a great sweet treat on study days or a simple way to relax after a busy day.

Fruit snacks

Fruit Gushers Mega PackOne snack that may be overlooked when creating a care package is fruit snacks. Even though your student is in college, fruit snacks are a popular item because they’re easy to take to class and they will remind them of earlier school days. Also, this is definitely one snack students may have forgotten about, since their focus at the grocery store may be on other more necessary items. Fruit snacks will definitely be a pleasant surprise that you’ll hear about later when your student thanks you.


Stationary items like sticky notes, page flags, pens, or highlighters are things that college students could use on a daily basis. Including them in a care package is great because in addition to providing a note and some snacks you’ve also included something they can use to study, take notes, or bring to lecture. These items may have been purchased at the beginning of the school year but by the time midterms or finals roll around most students will need to replenish their supply and will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Sticky notes or page flags

KitMax Sticky Notes Post-it Page MarkersSticky notes and page flags are so useful to college students. They make taking notes and studying a lot more flexible and fun. Sticky notes can be used to write a reminder for the next morning or about an appointment that’s coming up. Page flags are great for marking pages in a textbook or making the syllabus easier to find in a folder.

Pens or Highlighters

Pilot FriXion Gel Pens Sharpie Pocket Style HighlightersLastly, college students are always using and losing pens and highlighters. Pens are an everyday necessity for attending lecture as well as studying, and sometimes they all run out or are forgotten in a classroom. Highlighters are useful for marking textbooks and other readings, but can dry out or dull fairly quickly depending on how frequently your student uses them. These two items are staples and will be majorly appreciated if included in any care package.

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