College Graduation Gifts for Her

College Graduation Gifts for Her

College Graduation Gifts for Her

Now that she’s graduated from college, the real world can be a scary place. Often students feel unprepared despite learning how to exist on their own in college. After the security of college is over students may not have a plan for after college. These college graduation gifts for her will help get her ready for the real world no matter if she’s headed to grad school, a career path, or abroad for a while to figure things out.


College was full of reading but many of the topics were lecture centric and didn’t really get her ready for things like paying rent and utilities, learning to budget, or feeling prepared for whatever life throws at her. These books are full of information that can be useful throughout adulthood.

Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

This bookThe Total Money Makeover teaches any reader how to budget to pay off debt and start saving money. It’s a perfect gift for a college graduate because whether they’re ready or not, college loans will be knocking soon. Living on your own can be tough and filled with many bills and little money leftover. This book will walk your grad through how to create a budget and both pay off debt and start saving for the future.

The Real Simple Guide to Real Life: Adulthood Made Easy

Guide to Real LifeThe minute a college grad officially starts post-college adulthood is when all life’s questions start popping up. From how to dress for an interview to how to create a functional wardrobe, this book has all the answers. From the editors of Real Simple magazine this is a guide to all of life’s questions. While this isn’t a book to read cover to cover in one sitting, the how-to structure along with the essay format reads like a friend giving useful and practical advice.


In college, a planner made sense. She had lectures to attend, due dates to meet, and she needed one place to write it all down. Now that college is over many students forget that planners can be used for life as well. It’s a smart idea to gift a planner, it’s a personal gift it’s also practical and will remind her that while the year is long the days are short and nothing helps you achieve your goals like a concrete plan.

Erin Condren LifePlanner

The Erin Condren LifePlanner is a very popular yearly or 18 month planner that brings color and creativity to the planner world. The LifePlanner includes a weekly layout in three designs along with a monthly calendar as well as pages for notes and goals. This is a great choice for a busy student who is attending grad school or a young career woman. It was designed with the busy woman in mind and has both a colorful and a neutral option, which is great for adding color to organizing sessions or professional tones in the workplace. The covers are customizable and removable, allowing users to add their own personal touch and change them out as the seasons or their moods change.

Passion Planner

The Passion Planner is a simple and elegant way to help your new grad sort out their passions and goals, and find a way to achieve them. With a monthly and weekly layout this planner helps keep her on track and ready to tackle whatever is ahead. This planner also comes in an academic version, which is great for those getting ready for grad school and wanting something to keep them on task in class but not lose sight of their dreams and passions along the way. Another great feature of this planner is that it comes in an undated version, which is a great gift for those students going abroad or wanting to plan a specific time in their life but don’t need a whole year laid out at once.


If you had to pick one essential item to prepare a new college grad for the real world, it would be a bag. Women are always looking for a great bag to carry all that their day requires, from attending graduate classes to working long hours in the office or figuring things out as they go. A great multi-purpose bag will make a great gift and will help her succeed in any area of life.

Whipping Post Tote

Ladies need to carry a lot some days, from lunch and an extra pair of shoes at the office to textbooks, pens and notebooks on campus. This Whipping Post tote is a great multi-purpose tote bag that can handle any day’s load. This bag comes in three styles and a variety of neutral colors, one of which is bound to suit your new grad. If you’re looking to choose one bag that can do it all, this is the one. It has a simple design and function, no frills, all purpose. It’s a great grab and go style purse as well as a carry all.

Brinch Laptop Bag

Multi-Functional Suit Fabric Portable Laptop Carrying Case BagWhether she chooses the career path or the grad school path, chances are she’s going to need to carry a laptop. This Brinch laptop bag merges style with function, creating a colorful option for toting a laptop to and from the workplace. The bag has a laptop compartment in addition to extra storage. The size is manageable and can function as a purse and workbag, saving her on carrying extra during the day. The heathered fabric and variety of colors add some punch to an otherwise boring black bag, and keeps her stylish no matter the circumstance.

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