College Graduation Gifts for Him

College Graduation Gifts for Him: Preparing Him for the Real World

College Graduation Gifts for Him

College is a great place to explore and become independent, all while in the protective bubble of a college campus. There are demands, like attending lecture, handing in assignments, and meeting deadlines, but once your college grad meets the real world, he may have a lot to learn. These college graduation gifts for him are must-haves, accessories, and bags to help him make his way through his first years outside of that protective college bubble.


No matter where your college grad is headed, it’s a guarantee that he’ll need these two things: a suit and a set of tools. Whether he’s headed back to living with mom and dad, out of state in his own apartment, or somewhere in between there will be interviews and things will break. Start him out prepared with these two must-have gifts.

suit for graduationSuit

A well-fitting suit is a must for any man’s closet. If it’s tailored and in a neutral color it will be suitable for everything from job interviews to formal events and even weddings and funerals. Life continues after college ends and getting him a suit will send him off a little more prepared. Plus spending time with him picking out a suit and getting it fitted will create lasting memories. If you want to take this gift to the next level don’t forget the garment bag, shoes, and a quick education on how to care for all these items so they’re ready when he needs them.

Tool set

Stanley Tool KitAfter college, students are on their way to grad school, starting a career, or taking time to figure things out. No matter where he ends up, he’s going to need a screwdriver at some point, which makes a tool set the perfect graduation gift. There is an endless variety of tool sets, but a good option is one that is self-contained in a hard case with a selection of everyday use tools. Giving a set like this will make sure that all the pieces have a chance to stay in the kit, and that it can withstand moving several times, being packed away, and can be stored under the sink or in a hall closet.


Two accessories your grad will need on their voyage into the real world are a wallet and a watch. These two accessories are great for grad gifts because they can be unique and personal to the grad, and will have a long life, lasting through their adventures into adulthood. These may seem like more old school gifts, but he will appreciate your kind gesture and preparing him for whatever lies ahead.


graduation men walletGifting a wallet can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. Each wallet option is as unique as your grad, from a tri-fold to a money clip; one certainty is that he’s going to need a place to store his cards and cash for the long haul. A wallet is something he carries everyday and it can be a very sentimental gift, showing just how well you know your grad.


graduation men wristwatchA wristwatch is another old-fashioned gift but a grad that is headed abroad or into the corporate world may want a classy timepiece instead of relying on a cellphone all day. A watch can add character to any outfit and keep him on time. This accessory will also hold memories of graduation and his bond with you as the gift giver. A watch can be a very sentimental piece so time and effort must be put into a gift like this.


Bags aren’t always something you think to gift when you think of men, but even college grads need something to hold their stuff. No matter his next step, more school, a new job, or travel, he’s going to need something to carry his life in. A work bag and travel bag make great gifts because they will have a role in his life from going to work to helping him pack for a life change.

Work bag

men work bagGoing off to work may not look very different than his college days, depending on if he’s going to grad school or starting a career. Having a bag that can handle the load, from textbooks to laptops and work notes, will make his days that much smoother and easier. Look for something professional with a bit of personal flair. If he’s going to be using it as his daily bag you’ll want to gift something that suits him, but also suits the job, and gifting just that will save him from scrambling to get everything together on the first day.

Travel bag

men travel bagOne thing that many college grads don’t have is a suitcase or some sort of formal travel bag. Depending on where your student is headed, this may look like a backpacking bag, roller bag, or a weekend getaway bag. Wherever he’s going you’ll want to make sure he has the proper luggage for the trip. Giving this gift helps you support his future and his decisions. Whichever bag you choose it should be durable enough to get him through his busy first years.

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