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4 College Student Easter Baskets

Easter is a holiday when families come together in celebration, but it can be a tricky holiday for most college students. Since Easter is a Sunday, many students have to travel back to campus to prepare for the upcoming week, which makes it difficult to fully celebrate with family. These four Easter baskets would be great gifts for any college student, and include both fun and necessary college items.

Study Basket

To create an Easter basket with a study theme you can include items like a reusable coffee cup, protein bars, and colored pens. These items will save your student time and will make study sessions more efficient.

Copco Reusable MugCollege students are always on the go and many only have time to stop for coffee and a snack on their way to class. Gifting a reusable coffee cup will make mornings much easier and could save your student a few bucks over time. Plus the cup can be used for more than coffee, which is great when studying late in the library and needing something for water.

Protein barsClif Energy Bar are another great item to include in the Easter basket because college students may have to decide between using their time to study or to eat. Having protein bars on hand will help them do both at the same time. Snack bars are also great for tossing into a backpack or handbag on the way to class, or as a late night snack.

Stabilo Point 88 Pen SetA set of colored pens can make studying much easier by using them to color code study notes and even lecture notes. College students may not have thought about color-coding but now that you’ve gifted them a whole set, it just might come in handy and help them study more efficiently.

Toiletries Basket

Gifting a toiletry Easter basket may seem a little strange, but college students rarely have time to make a trip to the grocery store for shower and other bathroom products. Giving a basket with things like razors, shower gel, and a loofah or two will save your student time and will definitely be used on campus.

razor+headsRazors are a great addition to this Easter basket because replacement cartridges are often expensive and students may forget to include them in their shopping list. Including these in the basket will remind them to change it often and will give them the clean shave they’ve been missing.

shower gelAnother great item to include in the Easter basket is shower gel. College students are often in a rush to get a shower in, and may repeatedly forget to replace their empty shower gel bottle until they’re in the middle of their next shower. Including this in the basket will give them a fresh bottle either to replace their empty one or to act as a backup for the next time.

Aquasentials Bath SpongeA shower loofah is something most students probably don’t replace often enough. This gift will be a breath of fresh air in their next shower and will be a good reminder to replace it more often. It could be a good idea to include a few of these in the basket to help get your student through the semester.

Lounge Basket

All students need some time to relax at the end of the day, and giving a lounge themed Easter basket will give them another reason to take a break. Including items like pajama pants, a fluffy robe, and slippers, will add some luxury to an otherwise busy schedule with late nights and little rest.

Pajama pantsFlannel Pant are a staple in college and many students even wear them to class. Including a pair or even a pajama set in the Easter basket will freshen up your college student’s wardrobe and give them a little more luxury at the end of the day.

Luxor Unisex Terry Spa RobeA robe, fluffy or terry cloth, is another good gift to include because most college students share a bathroom or common living space and may want to cover up while walking around the floor. A robe is also a great way to relax and transition from the busy school day to a slower more restorative night routine.

SlippersWaffle Closed Toe Adult Slippers are also good to include because many students do choose them as footwear to class. Other students may want something to cover their feet while walking around their common space or even the dorm room. Sometimes dorm rooms get chilly, and including a pair of slippers in the Easter basket will complete the luxurious experience you’ve gifted.

Laundry Basket

Laundry is an area that most college students avoid and most parents worry about. Putting together a laundry Easter basket will give your student all the pieces they need to do a load of laundry and feel prepared to handle the task.

Smart Collapsible Laundry BasketMany students may have forgotten to include a laundry hamper in their shopping list, and including a collapsible one in your Easter basket will make it easy to store and use later. Giving a laundry basket will provide your student with a place to put dirty laundry and will quickly clear their room of those laundry piles.

Laundry detergentlaundry detergent is something most college students forget to buy once they run out, and many don’t know how to find the same detergent they use at home. Giving them a bottle along with a box of dryer sheets will replace their supply and give them the scent of home next time they do the wash.

The last thing college students need to do laundry is quarters. Putting rolls of quarters in your Easter basket will be like giving the student gold. Now they are fully stocked and ready to tackle the laundry that is, once they dirty the load they washed at home over the holiday.

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