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4 College Student Valentine’s Day Packages

Valentine’s Day is a smaller holiday in college, usually reserved for couples and is often another reason to throw a party. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your college student can be done from afar through a care package. These 4 college student Valentine’s Day packages are great gifts for a movie night in, for a student on the go, or for those into fitness or relaxing.

Movie Night Package

Some nights just call for a movie night. A movie night package will provide your college student will all they need to have a successful night in with their friends. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift because many students don’t have dates or plans for this holiday. Sending a movie night gives them something different to do and a reason to celebrate.

Of course, to have a movie night you’re going to need a few movies. While the library on campus usually has a pretty expansive selection to borrow, gifting some new movies will be a treat. Many students don’t have the time or the budget to go see a movie in the theater, so sending a couple newer DVDs would be perfect.

butter microwave popcornNo movie night is complete without popcorn and snacks! You can bring the theater right to their dorm room by supplying some movie theater butter microwave popcorn. Don’t forget the classic boxes of their favorite movie snacks from chocolate covered nuts to gummy candy.

movie theater candyIf you’re feeling a little extra generous you could send a gift card to a local grocery store as well. This will help your student and friends plan their night in and would be great for extra snacks like ice cream, pretzels, or chips and salsa.

Student on the go Package

College students are busy and spend most of their time on campus, outside of their dorm rooms. To some students Valentine’s Day is just another day. If your student feels this way an on the go package might be a great option. This package would include things like drink mixes, snack bars, and a new tumbler or water bottle for their long days walking to lectures and studying in the library.

Snack barssnack bars are a necessity in college because busy days don’t always have room for lunch. A snack bar, whether it’s protein based or granola, is easy to eat and will keep your student full during lecture, lab, or a study session.

Drink mixessingle drink mixes are another great gift for college students. Stopping at the cafeteria or café can take up precious study or commute time as well as pocket money. Single serving drink mixes can be added to any bottle of water, making them a simple option for students on the go.

Nalgene Water BottleCopco Cold TumblerAlong with practicality and portability, including a water bottle or tumbler cup in this on the go package will ensure that your student doesn’t go without and can stay hydrated throughout the day. Students can always use another water bottle to save on dishes and swap out colors to fit their mood or busy schedule. Most water bottles fit in a backpack side pocket or tote bag.

Fitness Package

Many college campuses have a student gym, and finding time for a workout can be tricky but necessary. Spending time sweating it out is great for letting off steam, working through stress, or just giving busy minds a break. If your college student frequents the gym or another form of exercise, this package will help replenish their supply and get them excited about their next class or session.

BlenderBottle 3 Pack Water BottleA necessary item for any gym session is a shaker bottle. These bottles are great for mixing protein powders, pre-workouts, or flavored drink mixes and can handle the intensity of the gym. Students may use these all day and night, preferring them to regular glasses or cups, so it’s a great gift for any fitness student. If you’d rather not give an empty bottle you can always add an extra pair of headphones or drink mix packets to complete the gift.

Fit Spirit Sport TowelsA fitness towel is a great fitness gift because dripping sweat can detract from a workout. Most towels are super absorbent and light, which makes them easy to add to any gym bag or backpack. They also wash well and dry quickly so you don’t have to worry about forgotten towels stinking up a bag or dorm room.

Reehut Yoga MatLastly, a yoga mat is a great Valentine’s Day gift for any athlete or fitness enthusiast. Yoga mats can be used to stretch in a dorm room or during a self-led or instructed yoga class. Most yoga mats roll or fold easily which saves space in the dorm room and can provide a quick in room workout during crammed study days.

Lounge Package

Some students may prefer to be alone on Valentine’s Day and a lounge care package will make their solo night in a little more special. Sending your student something like silly Valentine’s Day themed socks, or pajama pants will help them celebrate in style and get some of the relaxation time they greatly deserve.

valentines day socksIt seems like every Valentine’s Day there’s no shortage of themed socks. Patterns range from kisses to lips and even x’s and o’s to celebrate the holiday. Sending a pair to your student will definitely make them smile and feel loved.

Pajama pants are a great gift for college students at any time. Loungewear is the go to once they’re in for the night and are either studying or gearing up for the next day. There’s pajama pants for every holiday and even a more neutral colored pair will get your student in the spirit.

Organic Stash Tea SamplerFinally, a tea assortment is good choice for a lounge package that will help college students take a break from a busy schedule. Tea is a quick and easy pick me up that can fit in a backpack and be enjoyed on the go as well as in the dorm after a long day.

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