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Christmas Gifts for College Students

christmas giftsAs the semester comes to a close, college students enter into winter break. This is the time for holidays with family, relaxing, and preparing for the next semester on campus. These nine college student Christmas gifts will be useful to a student in any year, freshmen to senior.

Relaxation Gifts

1. Kindle Oasis

Now that college students have a break, Christmas is a great time to gift them those books they’ve missed out on, and the new Kindle Oasis is the newest way to read. Even the most voracious reader doesn’t have time to pick up a chapter book for leisure during the school year, which makes winter break perfect for recreational reading.The Oasis

2. Video game system

Xbox One 500GB
Video games are another thing most college students don’t have time for during the semester. There just isn’t that much time between deadlines, lectures, and sports. Since winter break and around Christmas is mostly assignment free, many college students will use this down time to catch up on their favorite games and play with their friends who have been away. The most popular video game systems are Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If the college student in your life already has one of these, Christmas is an opportunity to give a new game or accessory.

3. Mini Bluetooth Speakers & Selfie Video Camera

mini bluetooth wireless speakerThese cute little animals not only act as crystal clear bluetooth speakers, but also let you take a selfie or remote activated videos. They fit easily in a student’s backpack or pocket.

4. Spa package

Spa Bath Gift SetWhen it comes to relaxation, some college students may say that the spa is a prime location. Sharing a bathroom with a whole floor’s worth of people can be draining and showering quickly before class or late at night before bed isn’t exactly as refreshing as a weekend soak in the tub or long shower. Giving a spa package for Christmas is a good option because many college students don’t have the budget for a treat like a day at the spa. Alternatively there are many spa gift baskets to turn their bathroom at home into a steamy spa-like treat with scented soaps and accessories.

5. Beats by Dre Powerbeats3 Wireless Ear Buds

Cpowerbeats3 headphoneollege students are busy and must find ways and places to study in between classes or late at night in the library. Most places aren’t always quiet which makes wireless headphones an amazing Christmas gift. Besides the convenience of wireless ear buds, the Powerbeats3 have a cool new feature – Fast Fuel, which allows a 5-minute charge to power a one hour listening session!

Dorm Gifts

6. Fresh Wave Stinky Dorm Kit

fresh waveEliminate odors naturally without chemicals or phony fragrances. This 2-pack of Fresh Wave spray and crystals combine five essential oils – pine needles, lime, aniseed, clove and cedar wood to clear out tough odors.

7. Coffee

coffee gift basketMost college students start drinking coffee early in the semester to combat the early morning classes and the late night study sessions. While coffee is usually available on campus and there are coffee shops off campus that many frequent to study or meet up in, there will be a time when college students are up late studying and nothing is open. A coffee gift basket is a great choice for a Christmas gift because your student can sample the coffee before they get to campus, or they have many smaller coffees to choose from when they’re up late studying.

8. French Press

French Press Coffee & Tea MakerAs a college student living in a dorm room, one key kitchen item that’s missing is a coffee pot. Most common areas don’t have one and hot plates are frowned upon, which makes coffee something they must go out and get on a regular basis. Giving a French press as a Christmas gift will make brewing coffee in a dorm room or library that much easier. Water can be heated in a coffee mug or in the press itself in a microwave, and the coffee can be brewed as usual. A French press is also smaller than a traditional coffee pot, which makes it portable and easy to maintain throughout the year.

Transportation gifts

9. Bike

college bikeCollege campuses can be expansive and even have lectures in multiple locations. Many college students enjoy biking from their dorm or off-campus house to campus. It also saves time looking for a parking spot, fighting traffic, and dealing with on-campus tickets and security. A bike is a great Christmas gift but it can also be a very personal one. Talking with the college student and discussing the bike before you make a purchase will ensure the bike is what they’re looking for and will be the best choice for their daily mode of transportation.

10. Smart Luggage

raden luggageThis new luggage has tracking ability, a built-in charging station, and weight sensor so you’ll never pay baggage overage fees again! It does it all, and is perfect for the millennial in your life.


11. Car emergency kit

Car Emergency KitMany college students commute either from an off-campus house to campus each day, or from campus to the family home on weekends or over holidays. Staying safe on the road is something all students worry about, especially in bad weather or traffic. A car emergency kit is a good Christmas gift for all college students because it doesn’t take up much car space and can be a lifesaver in the right situation. An emergency kit is also good because it can go between vehicles and can last many years if stored properly.

12. Campus safety kit

Dorm Room Safety KitStaying safe on campus is a concern of many college students, especially those that are new to campus and students with later night classes. A campus safety kit is must-have gift for any college student, although most kits cater to women. This particular dorm room safety kit is unique because it caters to the dorm room as well as overall campus safety. From the book safe to the pepper spray any student will feel prepared after receiving this gift.

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