12 Glamorous Gifts for College Girls

GLAMOROUS GIFTCollege girls live a busy life between syllabi, lectures, labs, and study groups. They need trendy glamorous tech gear that will get them through the day in style. From the phone, music, laptop, and just for fun, these 12 glamorous gifts will be a hit no matter the college girl you’re buying for.

For Their Phone

1. Lipstick Power Bank

lipstick powerbankFor students a fully charged phone is a must. This Lipstick Power Bank is a great gift for a college girl because it’s sleek, small, and classy. The lipstick shape won’t take up much room in her bag or purse and it is easy to grab on the go. The device holds almost one full charge for most popular phones and is rechargeable once she’s back in her room for the night. A portable power bank is a very useful device and this particular one is great because is merges function with flair all at an affordable price point.

2. Rose Gold iPhone 7 Case

iphone 7 caseA cellphone is a must-have for college girls, and with so many students having the same model; a gorgeous case that stands out is great for showing off her personal style.  This rose gold Caseology iphone 7 case is glamorous and functional. Adding this case to her phone won’t add weight and will still be small enough to fit in a pocket, purse, or backpack all the while protecting her phone from accidental drops and damage.

3. Wallet Phone Case

luxury purse handbag caseSince college girls carry their phones everywhere it makes sense to use a purse case and have less to carry. This purse phone case is all glamour from the quilted leather base to the bling detail and the gold chain strap available in six colors. Inside the case there is three card slots, an opening for cash, and looks fantastic on a date or for everyday. This is great for a school ID, which is needed all over campus as well as for any other everyday carry items.

For Their Music

4. Wireless on-ear headphones

Solo 2 Wireless On Ear HeadphonesFrom the dorms to the library, things can get loud and a solid pair of headphones will work to cancel noise and blast music for productivity, commuting, and relaxing. These on-ear headphones by Beats come in a classy rose gold, adding a girly touch to an otherwise black and basic item. While some may see these as a steep purchase, they will definitely be a go-to on the daily and will help your college girl be more productive in style.

5. Wireless speaker

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth SpeakerCollege girls need to relax too, and this wireless speaker by Bose is a great way to listen to music when she’s getting ready in the morning for class, getting ready to go out with friends, or just looking for some tunes before bed. This particular speaker comes in a variety of colors, but the mint seems to be the most glamorous, girly, and trendy. The wireless capability connects with any Bluetooth enabled device from a laptop to phone, making it a great way to listen to music or even audio lectures.

6. Subscription to Spotify

Spotify is the way people are listening to music these days; from albums to playlists and even the radio, Spotify has it all. A subscription to this music service will allow your college girl to listen to her whole library and playlists on the computer and her phone. It’s a great way to drown out the noise in the café, library, or study room, and gift cards are available if she already has an account.

For Their Laptop

7. External hard drive

transcend 1 tb storejet m3 external hard driveThe computer is a necessity for college girls. It’s where she checks email, works on assignments, and even connects with friends and family. It’s a good idea to have an external hard drive where important documents can be saved because when a computer crashes it can be detrimental to her progress in class. This one by Transcend has a large storage capacity and comes in a bright color so it stands out on her desk or at the library.

HP OfficeJet 3830 Wireless All in One Photo Printer8. Wireless printer

Printing in college is essential and while the library is always a good option, it can be busy around mid terms and finals. Having a wireless printer in her room will make getting to class and meeting deadlines much easier. This HP Officejet has a slim profile and is a reliable printer. The device can connect to both her phone and computer through the network, which makes connecting and printing a breeze for both her and her friends.

9. Glamorous laptop case

neoprene bag cover
As a student her laptop is going to be traveling all over campus with her. Having a protective case will lighten her backpack and make using her laptop from the lab to the library that much easier. This stylish animal print Neoprene laptop case holds any 15″ notebook. If she needs a full laptop carrying case, this similar item is perfect with room for a mouse, notebook, pens, and cell phone.

Just For Fun

10. Smart watch

LEMFO LEM2 Bluetooth Smartwatch Fashion Female Women WatchA smart watch is a great accessory for any college girl because there isn’t always time to sit down and check a phone or computer. A smart watch will make getting texts, checking email, and making phone calls even easier. This smart watch by LEMFO has a gorgeous luxury band that looks very expensive and elegant. The watch face is black and the band comes in two glamorous colors, rose gold or silver, which will suit most college girl’s styles and tastes.

11. Tablet

apple ipad air 2Every college girl needs a break and a tablet is a great way to step away from all the schoolwork and unwind after a long day. The most well known tablet is the iPad by Apple, which comes in a variety of screen sizes and storage capacities. These are also very glamorous and stylish color choices from space grey to silver or even rose gold. A tablet is a great option for checking social media, connecting with friends, and even using FaceTime with the family.

12. Subscription to Hulu

Being away from home is tough, especially when not all colleges offer cable television. Another option is a subscription to Hulu. This streaming service provides new programming a day after it airs, which keeps your college girl in the loop with her shows and doesn’t cost as much as premium cable does on campus. Plus this service can be watched on the computer, smartphone, or tablet, so she doesn’t need a television to enjoy the service.

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